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Sophie Eriksson-Mewitt

Before starting this project I knew I wanted to work on a client project where I could empathise with the user. As I was pregnant at the time, I was looking at Hypnobirthing classes in Stockholm when I came across The Hypnobirthing Bootcamp (HBB) website. I started a conversation with the owner Alex who agreed to work with me for my final Experimentation project at Hyper Island.

The HBB is a complete 10 hour prenatal birth preparation course taught in Stockholm and online. It aims to teach expectant parents how to achieve and maintain deep levels of relaxation through guided…

In the very first session of my ethics module at Hyper Island I learnt that, although I have a background in digital marketing, I didn’t actually know as much as I thought about ethics and how it affects users from a design perspective. Although I knew there were legal and accessibility aspects to consider when creating a product, I hadn’t thought about how a designer would have to consider whether a design was ‘ethical enough’ and/or how this would tie into the planning process. One of the models we looked at within the first session was the Designed Ethically adapted…

As part of my first module at Hyper Island I was given the task of redesigning the gift-giving experience for another member of my group.

I used 5 simple steps to come up with solution:

  1. Empathyinterviewing user to find out more about them and her previous gift experiences
  2. Reframing the problem — defining the needs and insights and defining the problem statement
  3. Ideate — sketching 5 radical ways to meet their needs; share and capture feedback
  4. Iterate ideas based on feedback
  5. Build wireframe and share with user for final feedback

Problem statement

Although Viima hasn’t received a bad gift before…

Learning Swedish is a free language course developed by the Swedish Institute and is a joint project between universities and university teachers in Sweden. Their goal is to offer a free online course for beginners with material for self-study for adult learners. I chose to update the UX of the Learning Swedish Android app as I have used it before and although I liked the content, it was the design and flow of the app that made me uninstall it.

User Journey Storyboard

Link to view user journey online

As part of my Fieldwork module within my UX Design Up Skill Programme at Hyper Island, I was given a challenge and this is how I went about solving it…

The Challenge

How might we create a behaviour changing app that delivers control?

  • Busy professional living in the city
  • 27–32 years old
  • Attends a lot of social events
  • Stress hinders them from enjoying their life to the fullest
  • Hobbies: travelling, shopping, galleries, clubbing and social media
  • Devices: iPhone, Macbook, iPad

From looking at my target audience I established these needs to inform my hypothesis, and plotted them on a graph to determine…

Defining the problem was the hardest part for me. I wanted to find something that I would personally be interested in, but was also relevant and useful for my participants. My original idea was to focus on defining strengths within professionals and how this can be used in a team environment. However, after some research it turned out to be an idea that had a few flaws and wouldn’t be something I could A) tangible fit into the 30 minutes and B) something that I could create into a unique workshop that hasn’t been done before. Therefore, I made the…

Sophie Eriksson-Mewitt

Marketing Consultant + UX Design Student @ Hyper Island

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